REACH has written to the local representatives of political parties, calling upon them to remain united in their opposition to cuts in services at Cheltenham General Hospital, in the run up to the local council elections. The text of the letter is provided here for information.

Dear x

As you will know, REACH, together with support from politicians across the political divide has been fighting to save hospital services, including Cheltenham Type I A&E, from being downgraded by the Hospitals’ Trust. Now, the Trust has confirmed its proposals, Cheltenham stands to lose services, the effect will mean many communities across the County will be much worse off.

Having seen the benefit of two fully functional hospitals at a time of crisis, the downgrading is hard to understand. Covid is not going away any time soon.

If the Pandemic has taught us anything, it is the need to know when to come together to fight for what is important. Now is the time to fight for our hospitals. Yes, our hospitals, they belong to all of us, not just to the Hospital Board.

As the <political position>, REACH is asking you to join us to fight a common threat. A threat that potentially exposes our residents to poorer health service facilities for many who live in our county.

A united voice, where we speak as one on this issue can only help to carry the fight to the Trust. We are asking if you, for this issue only, will put differences aside and speak as one, rather than as disparate voices.

Yours sincerely,

Michael Ratcliffe MBE Chair REACH
CE Cheltenham Chamber of Commerce