News that Cheltenham A&E will reopen by 1st July is welcomed by REACH. Changes had been made because of the Covid pandemic. The changes were temporary and there was a promise that A&E would open fully in March this year.

The pandemic is still ongoing and it is a disappointment to see a further delay as the A&E will not open now until 1st July. REACH understands the short term need and, as the vaccination programme is making excellent progress, hopes the Cheltenham A&E will reopen sooner.

Other key NHS services were also moved by the Trust to Gloucester from Cheltenham. Many patients who needed urgent care, or an immediate operation, or treatment for serious problems such as with blood circulation, could only be treated in Gloucester. Promises made by the Trust that these services would go back to Cheltenham, must be kept. We await a date by which patients who were moved, will once again be treated in Cheltenham.